There’s nothing like a stylish notebook having an iconic cover you cannot stop marveling. We all know how cool artistic, funky and colorful notebooks look. Make sure you don’t need a mic for a “mic-drop moment” because that’s where you need a notebook.

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Geek Friendly Notebook


Carry this notebook and break the stereotype that ‘Geeks’ are ‘antisocial’. They just like to socialize with selected people.

My Beard My Rules Notebook


Carry this notebook to give a warning that you are the real game and touching your beard can lead to some severe consequences.

Old School Cool Notebook


Old school is cool! Tell the world that you call the shots, It’s either your way or the highway!

Women rights Notebook


Seedhi baat, no bakwas! Women rights are basic rights thus feminism is totally cool.

Your ignorance is their power Notebook


Haters gonna hate, why care about them? Carry this notebook that says, ‘Your ignorance is their